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Breif Information on Dr. Michael M. Moawad and Dentistry

Information on Dr. Michael M. Moawad


Dr. Michael M. Moawad currently works at Dental Arts of Edgewater. While graduating from high school earned a citation from the Governor of New Jerseys office. This was because of his academic performance. From there he went to Wagner College in Staten Island, New York. This was on a merit scholarship where he got a minor in art and a Bachelors of Science. The doctor has a passion for science and worked at Colgate-Palmolive as a research and development chemist in his education as a portion of a long internship. He got accepted to many dental schools but decided to go to UMDNG-New Jersey Dental School where he would finish his doctorate in Dental Medicine.


Dentist Life and Family


In being a dentist Dr. Michael M. Moawad mixes the basic practice of dentistry with the modern improvements of today. Now, he is sticking to new advancements by being a member of different organizations, the New Jersey Dental Association, the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology, and the American Dental Association. The Doctor has a wife Mary and two kids Matthew and Mikaela. He enjoys on his spare time spending time with him.


Services in General Dentistry


One service offered is “Bone Grafting”. This process helps in different ways. One is it aids in the regeneration of bone in places where bone loss has happened or it has atrophied. Something else bone grafting assists is in keeping proper oral functioning. It also advances the mouth and faces aesthetic appearance. Another service offered is Dental Hygiene. When a patient come in to visit, the dental hygienist will examine, clean, and polish teeth. Then, they will review any ideas for at home making better the routines of dental hygiene. To know more useful information click on dentist edgewater nj.